Introducing MeghanSAYS Shoes

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If we started at beginning, it would be that moment when I spotted a pair of baby blue wedge espadrille embroidered sandals at KMART in suburban Michigan where I grew up.  I was five. There was something beguiling and captivating about this objet. I inherently felt the power of transformation; if I wore those shoes, life would be better, more grand, more beautiful. If I wore these shoes, I would be the engineer of my life. I would command my destiny. I would feel magnificent.

I still believe that shoes have a transformative power. They are the only item of clothing we put on our body that affect the way we walk, carry ourselves and stand.  They are our daily connection to the earth beneath us.  They can make us feel divine, cause us great pain, give us joy, or even be the actual thing that move us toward our pursuits.

It is therefore with great delight that I announce the launch of MeghanSAYS, my new footwear line debuting at this coming December.

Meghan SAYS logo. How fun is that?

Meghan SAYS logo. How fun is that? (Designed by, of course)

For more than nine years, I have let my shoe curiosity lead me and it has been an awesome, wild adventure. I’ve covered the footwear industry from every angle, gotten involved with great organizations like Two Ten’s Women in Footwear and Footwear Cares, reported on shoe trends, celebrity shoes and cultural shoe moments, talked on TV about shoes, written two books on what your shoes say about you, spoken at industry events, helped produced a documentary about shoes, created one of the first social media campaigns for the Italian Footwear Association, been a spokesperson for brands like Maybelline’s Lash Stiletto launch and Dr. Scholls for Her insoles, created and produced a shoe interview series — and right now I am lucky to write a regular column for The Hollywood Reporter’s Pret-a-Reporter on celebrity shoes.

I have had a blast covering footwear!

I have had a blast covering footwear!

The footwear industry is full of some of the best people in the entire world, because you have to have an incredible amount of passion for what you do to be in footwear.  It’s an industry with high barriers — costs of production, marketing, distribution, retail inventory — and it is a pursuit that demands daily creativity.  You have to have a non-stop zeal to continue pushing through, over, around every obstacle that comes your way — all the while making beautiful shoes.  As a person who has been known to squeal out loud at a pair of python platform stilettos Alaia’s at Dover Street Market, and who I have been told, has a little tenacity, I am more than excited to join the footwear fray.

I am  also very excited to have an amazing Creative Consultant on our team, Andrea Bernholtz, former President and Co-founder of the Rock and Republic empire that pioneered the designer denim movement.



Titan Industries, (who makes shoes for Badgley Mischka, Joe’s Jeans and Cynthia Vincent, among others), I’m proud to say, is our manufacturing partner.

ballet flat toe box

Cutest toe boxes in the market!


Moar shoes.

Moar shoes.


We’re a powerhouse team ready to hit the shelves with footwear that uplifts, propels, and empowers women around the globe.


Seattle after our meeting with Nordstrom.

Seattle after our meeting with Nordstrom.

It has been a whirlwind of design, travel and more than a few near misses (like when we thought we lost our samples hours before a meeting at Nordstrom). Follow along with us in this series as we share behind the scenes stories, photos, and videos. Not only will you get the inside scoop, you’ll also automatically qualify for our MeghanSAYS giveaway when we launch.



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