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Well, hello there.

I am not sure if you knew this about me, you probably didn’t, but my whole life I had what everyone, even doctors, called Bad Periods.

Mystery symptoms since I was 14 years old from deep chronic pelvic pain, to incredible fatigue, bowel issues and more.

Turns out those Bad Periods are real.

And they have an actual name: endometriosis.

Soon after I launched MeghanSAYS, I found myself with worsening pelvic pain after a surgery that August to remove two fibroids. I didn’t know it at the time, but the surgeon did what’s called fulguration – a fancy name for burning – on my insides. And he didn’t remove my endometriosis.

Fast forward six months, I found an endometriosis specialist and had a second surgery. This time I had wide excision surgery and he removed all my endometriosis, even confirming it with pathology reports.

When I tell you the large exhale that validation gave me – I wouldn’t be underestimating if I said it felt like the biggest exhale of my life.

Finally there was a name for what I had for the past thirty years.

When I started to research why it took so long for me to get a diagnosis, I unravelled a tale of clinical gender bias, dark ages gynecological medicine – what I call the gyro ghetto” – and DES, the first endocrine disruptor given to humans and animals.

I started my newest venture, Bad Periods, to download all the info I learned along the way. There’s a ton of resources there if you have Bad Periods too.

I still love shoes, but I’m turning more of my energy these days towards telling my story in hopes it will help others.

Stay tuned!





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