Made in Italy

Made In Italy Fragiaciomo

Oh how I love to go to Italy and look at shoes! How lucky am I to be able to do this every year compliments of the Italian Shoe Association and MICAM. Sometimes I have to pinch myself. I you want to go nuts and watch alllllll my shoe videos - have at it! Intro to the Show!

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Bad Periods©

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Well, hello there. I am not sure if you knew this about me, you probably didn't, but my whole life I had what everyone, even doctors, called Bad Periods. Mystery symptoms since I was 14 years old from deep chronic pelvic pain, to incredible fatigue, bowel issues and more. Turns out those Bad Periods are...

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Shoe Therapy™

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  This is a reprint of an article from my original blog article series called Shoe Therapy So, what is Shoe Therapy™? Isn't that just like, a shorthand people use for shopping? Although you might think so, no. Shoe Therapy™ is actually both something I write about quite frequently, here on my blog and in my books, and elsewhere,...

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MeghanSAYS™ Shoes

Get these MeghanSAYS mules at

They're here! It has been a whirlwind since MeghanSAYS™ Shoes launched on, but wow! The response has been amazing. Check out the reviews from real customers on the shoes and what The Hollywood Reporter and LA Times have been saying as well. >>To get yourself a pair before they're gone, click here.<<

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Team MeghanSAYS™

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  There are so many people who made the MeghanSAYS™ brand sing! Hear from them about what it was like working on the line.   Mary Pressel Cline, Creator of MeghanSAYS™ Logo Where it all started. Mary created the MeghanSAYS™ logo you see everywhere from...

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What Are Women Saying About MeghanSAYS™ Shoes?

MeghanSAYS Gingham pump books

>>Click here to buy MeghanSAYS shoes.<< Listening to real women is what got us to make a shoe line in the first place. Like the fabulous Emily Weiss from Into the Gloss,  who listened to what women wanted in beauty for years on her blog -- before launching her own line of beyond...

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Introducing MeghanSAYS Shoes


>>Click here to get all the info when we launch MeghanSAYS and a free Stiletto Handbook<< If we started at beginning, it would be that moment when I spotted a pair of baby blue wedge espadrille embroidered sandals at KMART in suburban Michigan where I grew up.  I was five. There was something beguiling...

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My Take on #Flatgate in The Boston Globe

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Here's what I had to say about #Flatgate after the dust settled. This appeared in The Boston Globe, June 28.   The history of the high heel – and what it says about women today The Cannes Film Festival is not exactly the epitome of an inclusive event. In order to attend, you must be...

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Me, Shoes and #DeltaOne

orchids deltaone lounge

Compliments of the very nice marketing team at Delta, I had the great pleasure of flying the new DeltaOne experience.  As a part of the MeghanSAYS launch, they flew me from LAX to JFK for a key sales trip.  And yes, I am absolutely am a convert. Delta is the only non-stop to and from Detroit where...

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