Me, Shoes and #DeltaOne

Shoe Therapy®with Meghan Cleary and DeltaOne

Compliments of the very nice marketing team at Delta, I had the great pleasure of flying the new DeltaOne experience.  As a part of the MeghanSAYS launch, they flew me from LAX to JFK for a key sales trip.  And yes, I am absolutely am a convert. Delta is the only non-stop to and from Detroit where...

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FN Platform and Vdara

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 6.00.41 PM

If I did not have the Vdara I am not sure how I would survive my long days in Vegas at the footwear trade show.  While I absolutely love seeing everyone and walking the floor for hours, coming home to a serene suite, with caramel corn on my pillow, and a view of the strip...

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